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Section 2: Staying childlike, maintaining a sense of curiosity and urgency

Your score in this section:         

 Scoring key:


76 – 100                    

People who scored in this range are true childlike adults, and it doesn’t really bother them to be called or thought of at times as childlike. They have managed to keep a lot of the talents they had as children into their adult lives. Because they maintain a sense of urgency, they usually have an enthusiasm for life that spills energy to those around them. They are idealistic, naïve and young at heart. One of the famous quotes attributed to the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso is “it takes a lifetime to become young.” People who scored in this range intuitively sense what he meant. They ask tons of questions and have a lot of “wow” moments, moments when they stop and just say, “OMG, wow, look at that, not usually in the negative or critical sense, or in the scolding sense, but in a positive way.


51 – 75

People who scored in the 51-75 range have managed to keep many of the talents and characteristics of a child well into their adult lives, yet they don’t really have the confidence to make full use of them. They have a lot of “wow” moments, moments when they stop and say, “wow, look at that”, but the difference between this group and the 76-100 range group is that these people say “wow” mostly to themselves, while the first group is able to tell it to the world. People who scored in this range have good energy for life and face each day with a “carpe diem” spirit, yet they need to perhaps analyze less and “feel” more. If your score in section one of this test was under 75, it will indicate that you need to stop acting so seriously and realize that life is both serious and crazy, often at the same time, and stop trying to make it completely serious.


30 – 50

People who scored in the 30-50 range have managed to keep some of the qualities and characteristics of a child into their adult lives, but they have also suppressed many more. Suppression here means burying things like curiosity, within. Adults are as curious as children are. The difference is that adults check and suppress their curiosities while children don’t.  How far within a person’s natural childhood creativity lies buried will vary from individual to individual. Some people may have their creativity within easy access, while others may need to devote significant time and effort to the unlocking and unearthing process. The key to this may well be the level of self confidence. Adults try hard to act like rational, mature people. As former Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs once said in a famous speech at Stanford University in 2005, “stay hungry, stay foolish.” What he meant is that life is serious, deadly serious, but it is also crazy. If you scored in this range, you are taking life seriously, maybe too seriously. Creativity is a byproduct and bonus of play. Children play a lot, while adults don’t really play very much. Oh they say they do, they say they play sports and games, but those are somebody’s creations. If you scored in this range you need to play more, create more and say “whatever” more.


Below 30

People who scored in this range probably have, like many other people, buried their childhood creativity deep within. It would be good to read the above paragraph, the one for the 30-50 score range, because what is said there about staying foolish and about play also pertains here.


People who have scored under 30 will have to devote considerable time and effort to unlocking their creativity and they probably will need to make some changes in their lives to do so. People here need to ask more questions and to release their curiosities. A lot of the emphasis here will be toward expressing rather than suppressing thoughts and emotions. Greater communication and confidence are therefore two of the areas that people in this sector need to enhance. It may well be that a person here needs to consider who or what in their environment is inhibiting them from accomplishing this. One or two key changes here can trigger a breakthrough towards a more “stay foolish” attitude, while minor changes, however laudable, probably won’t show much results.


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