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Section 1: Freedom. The desire to challenge things

Your score in this section:         

Scoring key:


76 – 100                    

People who scored 76-100 points need to try to maintain a sense of freedom in their lives. They question and challenge many of the things around them that they themselves did not create. Other people may refer to them as rebels, or leaders, or a variety of other terms, some perhaps not that complimentary. They usually have an entrepreneurial spirit and while they can be good team players, they invariably want to lead or influence the team. They realize that they don’t control most of the things in life and they have adapted to that. They can walk far away from the box most of the time.

They love travel, love change, love challenges. People in this category will be very attractive to others, because freedom is attractive, but it is also frightening for most people as Dostoyevsky adroitly pointed out.  Repetition is one of the main things that stifle these people and they will sacrifice other things in their lives to keep their environments fluid, moving and free. These people are difficult to tie down and control but they are valuable to an organization. They usually do better in small companies or startups rather than larger organizations.


51 – 75

Freedom is moderately important to the people who scored 51-75 points. They cherish their freedom, but they still have a need to keep a base. They are probably are not the kind who could change countries every month and live only in hotels, but they do try to vary their schedules and they can get well out of the box when the conditions are favorable. The need to keep a sense of control may well depend on the conditions and upon the people they are with. People in this grouping often have times in their lives when they were and are very free, (sometimes early or late in life) and other periods in which they concentrated more on maintaining and feathering the base. Like birds, they can fly, but they also have nests. The key question is what type of bird are they?


30 – 50

For people who scored in this range, the quest for freedom and the need for security are both important. They do challenge things occasionally but on average they don’t try to enlarge the slice of life they were given and if they had to make a film out of their life it would be more a documentary than a Hollywood thriller. The need for personal freedom is there, yet perhaps more in thought than in action, but like the preceding group this may depend on the environment a person is in. To a large degree people in this group are sacrificing the desire for freedom for a goal, a responsibility or a person or they feel they are not yet in a position to let go. A significant life change will usually help here. You might well be willing to dive into the rabbit hole if someone dives with you.


Below 30

For people who scored below 30, the need for security outweighs the need for freedom. While these people are able to come out of the box from time to time, one of the main issues in life is controlling their environment to the point where there are no real surprises. It is rare for people in this group to dare to turn things in their lives upside down and when it does happen, it is usually due to outside circumstances or other people. Security here can come in a variety of forms, both professionally and personally. The need to control things is dominant, and control means both things and people.  Individuals in this group usually lack the confidence to walk away from the security of the base and they drag it with them wherever they go.

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