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Section 4: Avoiding Assumptions

Your score in this section:         

Scoring key:


76 – 100

People who scored in this range try hard not to make many assumptions when they need to be creative. They perhaps may also have had education or training in creativity, art or logic. They might also have experience in consulting. Not making many assumptions does not mean per say that people here are highly creative but it is an important factor when it comes to overall creativity.


51 - 75

People who scored in this range limit their assumptions when they need their creativity, yet they are prone to go quickly and make fast judgments, hence they make more assumptions than they think they do. People in this range need to slow down and look at things and people from different angles and points of view. They are able to do this a lot of the time, but the problem here is one of consistency.


30 – 50

People who scored between 30 and 50, tend to make an average number assumptions and they don’t really vary their assumption making in order to be more creative. For these people the challenge will be to slow down whenever they need to be creative and to start to become aware of the assumptions that are made that they might not be aware of. One of the questions in this test asked you to judge on a scale of 1 to 10, how much you try to avoid making assumptions. Many people who score in this range actively believe that they don’t make many assumptions. It’s not something we are always aware of.


Under 30

Those who scored under 30, tend to make a lot of assumptions and while this is normal and can actually be a plus for many of life’s activities, it is counterproductive for creativity. People in this group should slow down when they need to use their creativity, look, listen, then look some more. They need to try to look at more things as if they were looking for the first time, and they need to ask more questions in a positive rather than negative sense.


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