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Section 5: The ability to consistently see other perspectives and points of view

Your score in this section:         

Scoring key:


76 – 100

People who scored in this range are capable of consistently seeing other perspectives and points of view.


51 -75

People in this range are frequently able to see other perspectives and points of view but they are not usually able to do so with any real consistency. There may well be certain groups of people or certain situations in which they feel uncomfortable and thus they are not able to bring themselves to understand what these people are feeling


30 – 50

Those in this range will be able to see other perspectives and points of view occasionally, but it will depend on the situation and the other person. Generally the key here will be one of subjectivity and self centered thinking. People who are too concerned with their images and about what others are thinking of them will have a hard time seeing other people. What’s important here will be to start to see people not for how they function with you but how they function themselves.


Under 30

People who scored under 30 will have a difficult time seeing other perspectives and points of view and there will probably have significant work to do to access the natural creativity they had as children. The scores obtained in the other areas will be important. Bringing up the scores in the other areas will help here, while you can’t expect to have a high score here unless the other areas rise as well. Raising your score here may be easy to do if you are poised to make breakthroughs in some of the other areas.

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